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Our Mission

To create a preschool that helps raise individuals who are emotionally well-rounded and are educationally prepared to compete and contribute to society. We are an educational school that encourages students to lead a life of creativity and integrity based on strong principles. We provide child care that helps our students thrive and reach their

full potential.


Our Classes

Baby Royals

8 Weeks - 12 Month Olds

Through our milestone-based curriculum, we focus on helping our students develop at their own pace.

Dukes & Duchesses

2 - 3 Year Olds

Personal curiosity, autonomy, memory, creativity, language and sentence structures, and social skills are part of each lesson.

Knights & Ladies

12 - 24 Month Olds

With a focus on social development and sensory Skills, we are proud to bring education through play.

Princes & Princesses

3 - 4 Year Olds

Visual and memory development, 

logical thinking and developing  structural sentences is a strong focus within this class'  curriculum.

Kings & Queens

4 - 5 Year Olds

This class focuses on intellectual development and pre-kindergarten skills while also emphasizing language development and problem solving skills.

Premier Elementary



With a love for Premier Preschool,

our Kindergarteners are so excited to continue their learning  journey through play and STEM programs; giving them a variety of learning experiences.



Our first graders are excited to continue to strive for excellence in reading, writing, science and math with our Abeka program; all testing far beyond grade level expectations.



From bible classes to sports lessons, our preschool's enrichment programs and classes give kids additional learning opportunities right in their usual environment.


Learn more about what sets our preschool apart. We want to share our vision of exceptional child care with you.

Start your child on the path of excellence. Enroll at Premier Preschool.

Give the gift of learning through play. Our preschool welcomes donations of New or Gently used toys.

Are you a child care professional? Think you want to be a part of our family? We'd love to hear from you.

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