Premier Preschool is proud to offer academic-based programs for children from the ages of 8 weeks to 5 years old. Our teachers craft weekly lessons specifically for each child's stage of development.

From recess at the playground to "Splash Days" on our very own splash pad, our new facility boasts exciting features for each class; giving students constant opportunity to learn through play. Our enrichment programs, such as computer and art classes, allow our students to explore different methods of learning and discover new passions


We serve three healthy balanced snacks a day, ensuring our students have the right kind of fuel to learn and explore their world. 

In line with our Christian principles, teachers lead the students in daily age-appropriate Bible study sessions that engage and entertain them as they learn and grow in their faith.

As additional convenience for our parents, we offer HiMama, a daily secure reporting system tailored to each individual child.

A note from Founder & Director, Dr. Suzana Sargent 

Dear Parents,

It is with great excitement that we would like to welcome you to Premier Preschool of Gainesville.

We are anxious to serve you and your children and we understand the importance of teaching your child during this very critical time in his or her developmental life.  As children are exposed to instruction and specific teaching, they will internalize concepts that are presented and expand their growing knowledge for the future.  We are excited to learn more about you and your child and to nurture and care for him or her while learning with us at Premier Preschool. We thank you for trusting us with such an important job of walking alongside you to help educate your children. We look forward to meeting you personally and serving your family.

Many blessings,

Dr. Suzana Sargent

Founder and Director of Premier Preschool

DR. Suzana Sargent

Dr. Sargent has been in the education field for over 41 years. Born and raised in Sao Paulo Brazil, she always dreamed of opening her own center focusing on raising emotionally stable children, exposing them to several different ways of learning and instilling in them strong Christian values.

After graduating from the Tibirica College in Brazil, she traveled to the U.S. to further her education. She obtained her Master's in Special Education and her P.h.D in Curriculum Instruction at one of the United States' leading educational teaching programs, Michigan State University.

She and her husband,  a professor at the University of Florida, have been married for 35 years and are proud to have three daughters who also live and work here locally. 

Dr. Sargent has dedicate her life to the education of young children during the most important stage of their development and is thrilled to be able to fulfill a life long dream of opening the Premier Preschool and bringing her passion and creativity to the education of her community's children.

About Premier Preschool

 Here at Premier Preschool, we serve you and your children as family. Working daily one-on-one with kids, our faculty creates a unique learning environment tailored to each student and his or her specific needs. Children develop knowledge of the world through play and experience interactive learning, creative arts, and diverse educational activities. Through dynamic teaching methods, we constantly challenge our children to explore and use their creative gifts to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 


At Premier Preschool, we nurture children through Christ and creativity. This means not only allowing our students to explore the world in their own ways, but also designing our curriculum to teach them Biblical principles and character development in age-appropriate ways. We pride ourselves on helping raise individuals who are not only educationally prepared but also emotionally well-rounded and ready to be thoughtful and compassionate leaders. 

Through our "discovery room" and a series of educational resources, our teachers are encouraged to create new and fun ways of learning for children. Each individual class curriculum is posted monthly for parents to know on a week-by-week basis what children are learning. All of our teachers are certified by the department of Children and Families, as well as certified in First Aid and C.P.R. and have passed a minimal Level 2 Background Check. 


Inside our Classes and Curriculums


8 Weeks - 12 Month-Olds

EMOTIONAL SKILLS: By focusing on each child's individuality and self awareness, teachers help our baby royals learn to express themselves through their hands and feet, which is their first sense of emotional awareness.

FINE MOTOR SKILLS:  From exploration to self-discovery and tummy time; we focus on an array of activates to help strengthen and develop each child at their individual pace. 

GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: Each child is encouraged to learn and develop through a series of fun activities and teacher interaction with daily opportunities to play at interactive learning stations.

COGNITIVE SKILLS: Children are exposed to a variety of interesting toys to explore, daily short story bible teachings and new weekly lessons to stimulate cognitive development and curiosity. 

brightwheel color_edited.png

We are thrilled to offer all parents at Premier Preschool Brightwheel, a secure daily interactive reporting system. Receive updates on your child’s activities through out his/her day to your email and smartphone – everything from health and nutrition to learning and development.

Daily Reporting:

Each day your child attends Premier Preschool his/her day will be documented from what exact snacks they were served to photos from their interactive day. Also included in this report is a diaper changing schedule as well as how long and what time they slept during their nap time. Forgot to let your child's teacher know something after dropping them off? No problem, send a message directly to her through Brightwheel with those special details.

Save Milestones & Memories:

Being a parent is always busy and memories are easily lost without a convenient way to record them. Capture moments and memories that would normally be fleeting. Big and small, your child's special moments are too precious to forget and are saved within your Brightwheel app.

Snacks, Naps & More . . .

Through daily snacks and consistent nap times, our classroom schedules give students a routine and consistency for a perfectly balanced learning environment.


Healthy Snacks:

Given out three times per day for all classes ages 1-5, our healthy snacks are filled with a balanced variety of protein, grains and fresh fruit.


Typical snack schedule and choices may include: 


Mid Morning Snack (9:00 - 9:15) 

Cream cheese on crackers and fresh strawberries / Banana bread muffins and vanilla yogurt / French toast with syrup and sliced kiwi


Mid Afternoon Snack (3:00 - 3:15)

Chopped roasted turkey and fresh grapes/ Chicken nuggets and fresh blueberries / Sliced Ham and fresh pineapple


Late Afternoon Snack (5:00 - 5:15)

Fresh apples and graham crackers with honey / Cheese squares, craisins and pretzel sticks / Cheese quesadillas


*We are happy to accommodate specific allergies and food aversions if needed. Alternative snack choices are always available*



Parents are to pack a lunch each day for children at the Premier Preschool.  Teachers are able to heat up the students' lunches if needed. 

Stay tuned for special lunch events such as "Pizza Day", "Pasta Parties" or "Barbecues", which will be available on occasion for

students to participate in for a small additional cost.


Nap Time:

Arranged for all classes from the infant to 4 years old, our nap time (and quiet time for older kids), are implemented each day.


Nap time needs: 

Each child is encouraged to bring their own personal bedtime favorites including individual blankets and pillow. All students are given an initial fitted




sheet when registering to fit their own personal cot in their class.

 to wash and bring back clean for the following week.FridayCot sheets, blankets and pillows are given to parents every







Through a series of creative learning experiences, children are exposed to new and exciting ways of learning.


Not only incorporated into our everyday learning curriculum and classes,  our Enrichment Programs here at Premier Preschool bring additional learning opportunities daily for our students.

Enrichment Programs

Art Program

Starting students with basic art skills gives them the opportunity to grow as young artists and nurture their creative side. From lesson related craft projects to learning about color mixing, students will explore an array of art mediums and techniques, learning weekly to explore and express their creativity.

 Ages: 12 months - 5 years old

Spanish class

As we age learning a second language becomes more and more difficult. Our Spanish program gives students the first introduction to a foreign language from the very start. All students are offered weekly Spanish class, training their brain from a young age and beginning the development of this important skill.

Ages: 12 months - 5 years old


Music Classes

Our music classes focus on diversity of listening to a variety of sounds and using musical instruments. With a focus on specific genres, cultures, composers and instrumental styles; children learn to understand the

importance of music.


Ages: Infant - 5 years old

Fitness Program

Our fitness program combines the excitement of play and exercise in order to create life-long healthy habits. Going though several different types of sports and activities, children learn the importance of team work and team building all while having fun.

Ages 24 months - 5 years old